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  • Austin Bagley
  • 801.648.9136

I have a passion for web development, UI/UX, and the processes involved in crafting a beautiful website. Solving puzzles, especially in code, has always been fun to me and is what drives me as I work on projects. It has even become integrated into my free time as I work on my graphic design and web development skills.

I have years of experience using Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro. I have a strong skill-set with HTML and CSS with experience using the Bootstrap as well as Materialize frameworks on large team projects. I have the ability to create responsive websites and to restructure existing websites to make them responsive. I have basic Javascript experience and I am building up that skill. UI design and front end development has been a large part of my web development experience. I have been especially successful in these areas thanks to my skills in creating both web and print graphics.

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